Aren’t my fur-babies the cutest? They all have their “main” names, but for some reason, every pet owner ends up giving their pets another name. Or two. Or seven. Like people, our pets get nicknames. Here are my dogs’ names with their nicknames:

Our oldest dog is Charlize; she’s about 7 or 8 years old, and she loves to escape. She can find her way out of anything. Seriously. She’s half basset/half beagle, so if she gets a scent, she’s GONE.
Charlize Hair-on: Beezer, Leezer, Fatty, Fatty McFatFat, Leezer Beezer, Bitch dog, Houdini, Girl dog, Leezy, Weezer, Charweezer, Charbeezer

Dart was named after Stranger Things on Netflix. We got him November of 2017, and he’s about 2.5 years old now. His original name was Dog, and before that is was Trophy. We knew we had to change it.
Dart: Dartaloo, Dartafart, D’Artagnan, Boy Dog, Bud-Bud, Darty, Dart-boy, Fatty, Dartagorgan, Demi-dog

We got Jango this past July. He turned 1 on New Years Day, so he’s still a baby. We think he’s half blood hound/half something else. Our middle son claimed him as his own, and wanted to give him a Star Wars name, since he came to us as Joe Dirt. So he became:
Jango Pett: Jang-Jang, Jango-puppy, baby dog, Jango baby, Duh-Jango, Jangalang

I asked you guys to post yours, and here are some of the ones I got:

Harley Quinn Kiddo. Aka Pumpkin Princess. Quinndolyn. Quinny Quinn Quinn. Pretty girl.
Ryder (boogie butt, fluffer butt) and Nox (same)
This is Salem, my trucking kitty. Call him Munchies because just like myself he will eat anything he can get his little paws on…even if I’m trying to eat it.
💗💗Indiana Jones💗💗
AKA: Dr Jones, Henry Jones Jr, Puppers, Puppy
Twilight aka Princess, fluffy butt, twi-twi, velcro kitty, Princess Purry Pants, monster
Name: Taco. Nickname: Taco Loco.
Nibbles aka Hush I’m Trying To Sleep
Piggy, pig pig, princess piggy, notorious PIG.

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