Could I BE Any Happier?

‘Friends’ Will Stay on Netflix After Uproar On Monday!

The news that Friends would soon be leaving Netflix made me sad, because that’s how I fall asleep at night probably 90% of the time. I don’t like watching it on the TV; I use my tablet or phone because the TV is too bright and too far away when I have my contacts out. So I snuggle down in my bed, prop up my phone, and fall asleep to the dulcet sounds of “Smelly Cat.” I also just love the show; it’s been my favorite for close to 20 years.

Little did I know ‘Friends’ leaving Netflix could start a social media uproar!

Fellow ‘Friends’ fans- we can all take a deep breath with the news that the show is going to remain on the streaming giant through 2019!

After people took to Twitter en masse to protest the move by Netflix, they reversed course. For once, social media was used for the power of good. When you love something, you just can’t let it go!

And yes, I have a ‘Friends’ tattoo…

My ‘Friends’ inspired tattoo



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