Remember Corey Feldman’s 2017 tour?  Of course you don’t.  But it’s NOT because nobody cares about Corey Feldman’s music.  It’s because Marilyn Manson SABOTAGED the tour.

That’s what Corey claims in a new interview.  He says Manson “planted” backup singers and musicians in his crew who were purposely singing off-key and playing the wrong parts.

Manson was also somehow able to call ahead to the various venues and book, quote, “dark bands” who did not match Corey’s style to open up for him.

Oh, and somehow, they just happened to get Manson’s tour bus AND his driver for the tour . . . and they broke down 10 times.  Coincidence?  Corey thinks not!!!

So why would Manson have any interest in sabotaging Corey?  He says, quote, “I don’t really know the reason.  I can’t tell you, other than the fact that we just know that he was behind the scenes of a lot of stuff.”

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