Columbia Craft Brewing Company


Columbia Craft Brewing Company made it’s debut in the Soda City yesterday and we went out to partake!

The ambiance of Columbia Craft is very inviting: wood on the walls, sleek polished floors, and sturdy wood tables. It gives you the feeling of being in a brewery, but it doesn’t feel industrial. Big, open windows give you a glimpse into where the “magic” happens, and the brewery itself is quite impressive.

We ordered from the bar. Hunter got the Famously Hop IPA and he was happy with his choice.  Sadie went for a flight (you can see that in the image below) so she could try a few of the  offerings. She went with the Columbia Craft Lager, the 007ession Session Ale, the Raspberry Carolina Weisse, and the Apricot Peach Mango Carolina Weisse.

The Lager is a good gateway for people used to drinking a Bud or Miller; very easy to drink.

The 007ession was too hoppy for our MD, but if you like a very hop forward beer, it’s definitely for you.

The Raspberry Weisse was really good; enough of the berry flavor so that you tasted it, but not super overpowering. Also not very sweet.

The Apricot Peach Mango Weisse was her favorite: unfiltered and light, it was almost like drinking juice. Really great as a summer time beer, or if you really like those flavors.

We had a great first experience there, and hope to come back time and time again! Good luck Columbia Craft!

Sadie’s Flight


Famously Hop IPA


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