Chick-fil-A Sign Went Missing, Company Offers Free Food For a Year to Anyone Who Returns It

A Chick-fil-A establishment in Tennessee is offering free food for a year to anyone who returns its missing sign.

The Alcoa, Tennessee, restaurant said in a social media post Monday afternoon that it would award the person who returns the sign a year’s worth of digital gift cards.

“We need your help! Our sign has disappeared and we need help to find it! Whoever turns it in will be asked no questions,” the store wrote in a Facebook post. “We are awarding our finder Chick-fil-A for a year (52 digital offer cards) when the sign is returned.”

Several Facebook users suggested that the sign could have flown off its post due to strong winds, and some even claimed that they had seen the sign not far from the store while they were driving past the establishment.

But we all know this is hanging in a dorm room somewhere!