Ok…I’m usually the Anglophile in the room (If ya don’t know the word look it up)

But this story out of Bristol in the UK has me a little bumfuzzled (That one you can’t look up it’s just a funny way of saying puzzled)

The members of the Bristol City Council have noted an uptick in crime and they have found the reason…Grilled Cheese.

Now to be fair to the council there are a couple of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches out there that I would commit murder for, but I’m not sure they’re causing youth crime.

In trying to determine the reason for a recent uptick in crime and motorcycle gang activity, councilors realized it coincided with the approval of a food van owner’s license, which allowed him to sell the sandwiches — called cheese toasties in the U.K. — in Monk’s Park.

According to council member Claire Hiscott, the availability of the food item “lured” children away from school, which eventually led them to become involved in criminal activity.

“Historically, we had antisocial behavior, not just motorbikes, from young adults gathering with alcohol and causing a disturbance,” Hiscott says.

“The lure of a food concession may encourage kids to take a little walk. We’ve managed to eradicate that.”

Ok…when I was a kid in school…I might have been lured away by a grilled cheese…but into a motorcycle gang right after that….seems to be a stretch.