Sports Illustrated has ranked the greatest mascots in college football a dog with a famous pout has come in at number one. The pure white English bulldog has been a mascot for the University of Georgia since 1956.
UGA is his own economy; the dog’s mug is added to jerseys, coolers, hats and more. UGA is so revered by UGA fans that the University buries each UGA in a marble vault outside the football stadium
Rounding out the top five of greatest college football mascots are the duck from University of Oregon, LSU’s Mike the Tiger, Bevo from the University of Texas and Stanford University’s Tree. The Tree is DUMB. It looks more like a wilted pot leaf… and how is that a cool mascot. LAME!
Our very own Cocky came in 7th, which is think is too low, but at least he made the list. This is what they had to say about good ol’ Cocky:

A mainstay in the old Capital One Mascot Challenges, Cocky has his own workout videos, and is well-regarded among many fanbases for his “Magic Box” entrance on football gamedays.

Not only is there Cocky, there’re Mrs. Cocky and Little Cocky. How many other schools do that? Go Cocks!

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