A porch pirate was caught stealing a package from a home in Sacramento last week . . . dressed as a TRASH BAG. A MOVING trash bag.

The homeowner, Omar Munoz, shared doorbell security footage of the thief waddling up to his porch underneath a TIED garbage bag. The person under the bag shuffles over to the package, grabs it, and then scoots away.

Omar said he was angry at first . . . then he thought maybe it was a prank . . . now, he just finds it FUNNY. He says he’s not filing a police report, because “the police have more important things to do,” and it isn’t worth the hassle.

He said the package was not valuable . . . it just contained a couple of phone chargers from Temu that cost 10 bucks. He just re-ordered them, and has this to say to the thief: Quote, “That was a good one.”