One lesson everyone should learn is never to mess with a senior citizen’s Bingo game. Not even in Canada.
Police in Rideau Lakes, Ontario were called to a local nursing home after two women, ages 79 and 86, got into a fight over wanting to sit in the same seat.
Other nursing home residents got involved, escalating things into “somewhat of a brawl”, according to the CBC.
Police said it was “an unusual call for us” and say everyone calmed down once officers arrived and no one was hurt. It’s not clear if the nursing home continued with the bingo game after the fight.
You know what this sound like? My kids at the table. “That’s my chair!” “No, that’s where I was sitting!” This also happens in the car: “I called shotgun!” “No, I called shotgun!”
I guess it’s true what they say: we all revert back to being children, in every aspect of the word.

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