Big Dreams Die Big…And so did Yonder Field

This wander started when I was still in Charleston.  The stations I worked for were approached and asked to help promote the first event at the venue.

We did it but from the very first it seemed like an honest but ultimately doomed dream.

If you’re in business long enough you begin to recognize the people that love something and do something because they love it.

And then there are the people that make money and that was the divide here I think.

They seemed like good people who wanted to bring music, beer and entertainment to people and I’m all for that.

But ya gotta stay in business first and they did some things that were wrong for their business, wrong for their neighbors (lots of surprises for your farmer neighbors is never cool)

There is always the temptation so say “We should have supported this”, but bad location, bad ideas, bad relations with neighbors.

Adds up to out of business for now.

Maybe somebody brings it back…Maybe it’s what it was to begin with…A pasture.



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