@jonnyducati This is how you don’t end up catching air. #detroit #belleisle #giantslide #slide #OLAFLEX #fyp ♬ original sound – Jonny Ducati

So that’s how you go down the slide properly, to avoid getting hurt.

The metal slide on Belle Isle costs $1 to ride and has been there since 1967. It closed in 2020 and just reopened with a fresh coat of wax.

There are four big bumps you go over on the way down.  Kids AND parents were going so fast, they’d ramp off each one and land really hard.  So it had to be shut down a few hours after it re-opened.  (Here’s a video.)

Officials scrubbed the surface of the slide to slow it down, and now it’s open again.

(DetroitNews.com has a good round-up of videos.)

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