Dave Grohl is a good dude.  Funny, successful and on the whole in his career just killing it.


Also I got to meet him once backstage


Cool as he may be now…It wasn’t always that way.

Dave was couch surfing Dave making a few bucks drumming, slumming from couch to couch and if he was lucky eating Taco Bell.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the Foo Fighters frontman reveals that he never sought to make a career out of being a musician.

He was just there for living the experience.

The cash from drumming for the band Scream was pretty sad Grohl says,

“I started touring at 18: carrying my stuff in a bag, sleeping on floors, and if I was lucky, I’d get seven dollars a day to budget on cigarettes and Taco Bell.”

Grohl also says that his original five-year plan was to become a studio drummer and take up graphic design.

But then a couple of other bands happened…like Nirvana.

The video above is The Foo Fighters doing their new song “No Son of Mine” on Jimmy Kimmel Live