In case you’ve forgotten why you shouldn’t tailgate on the highway, here’s a great reminder. A tractor-trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of honey bees crashed on Monday, releasing a swarm.
The truck was traveling between California and North Dakota when it tipped at a rural intersection near Bozeman, Montana.
According to rescue officials, about a quarter of the cargo had escaped. A local beekeeper told a CNN affiliate that the full load would equal around 133 million bees.
Thankfully no one was hurt, but Montana Highway Patrol Sgt. Pat McLaughlin admitted based on the number of bees that got loose, “there is always a chance people will be stung.”
Could this story BEEEE any crazier? Sorry for the bee pun. Hive been thinking these up all day. Usually insect puns really bug me, but that’s BEEsides the point… Ok, I’m done now