Dave Grohl loves to surprise his fans, so on Sunday, he showed up behind the kit at the fifth annual “Ride For Ronnie,” rocking out on a few cover tunes with an all-star band.
The Foo Fighters frontman grabbed the sticks for Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” and Motörhead’s “Bomber” at the motorcycle charity event held at Encino, California’s Los Encinos Park.
Joining Grohl were members of Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, and Buckcherry.
Last year’s ride brought in over $50,000 for the Dio Cancer Fund, which supports cancer research and prevention education.
Can I just say… I HOPE that when I’m at Epicenter this weekend, he makes his way into the media tent to surprise the media people. We were very clearly told no interviews with Foo Fighters, but if he makes his way into the tent, I may die. It’s my dream to meet him. So we’ll see. Ball’s in your court Grohl.

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