We all remember “The Dating Game”, right?  That’s the show where a contestant would ask questions of three potential dates who were hidden from sight, and would choose one to go out with.

But what if you were a contestant, and the person you chose for your date turned out to be a PSYCHO?  Well, Anna Kendrick is directing and starring in a movie about that.  And it will also be called “The Dating Game”.

The thing is, it’s based on a true story.

In 1978, a woman named Cheryl Bradshaw appeared on the show.  And she chose a guy named Rodney Alcala.

Well, Rodney turned out to be a SERIAL KILLER.  And Cheryl somehow sensed something wasn’t right, because she refused to go on the date with him . . . which was obviously the right choice.

(Alcala was eventually convicted of several murders, and suspected of many more.  He died in prison last year.)

It sounds like they DO go out in the movie, because the description says, quote, “Bradshaw’s fairy-tale date takes a terrifying turn when the bachelor drops his charming façade to reveal the truth:  Alcala is in fact a psychopathic serial killer.”

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