Ok…the headline is: Woman Sues Astros for $1M After Being Shot With T-Shirt Cannon

A Houston woman has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Astros, claiming the team’s mascot broke her finger by firing a T-shirt at it.

In the suit, Jennifer Harughty says Orbit the mascot “shattered” her left index finger by shooting a T-shirt from a “bazooka-style cannon” during a July 2018 game.

She goes on to say in spite of two surgeries, her finger “remains locked in an extended position with little to no range of motion.”

In a statement released Tuesday, the Astros say they’re “aware of the lawsuit with allegations regarding Orbit’s T-shirt launcher.

We do not agree with the allegations.

The Astros will continue to use fan popular T-shirt launchers during games.

As this is an ongoing legal matter, we will have no further comment on this matter.”

So now you’re going…What does that have to do with the concert crowd  in the picture up top?

Let’s get in the way back machine to 1992.  I’m the Promotions Director at a station in the Upstate of South Carolina.

We’re out at an outdoor concert and we’re tossing (and I mean gently tossing) out prizes, t-shirts and “flying discs” to the audience.

A woman flubs catching the disc and then laughs it off…We all go home and think all is well.

The following week we get a phone call from her lawyer claiming that we hurled the disc at her at an unsafe speed and “knocked out” several of her teeth.

Her teeth were pretty busted to start with but that sounds kind of petty…She sues us and I hope she has a nice smile now…Because people are awful.