Aiieeeeeee!…No! No! No!

A British woman watching an old porn video became horrified when she realized its stars were her mom and dad.

The unidentified woman, who shares her nightmare tale on MamaMia, says the incident happened when she was 15 years old — but she “blocked it out” until recently.

She says she was home alone when she found a VHS tape in her parents’ closet.

Hoping it was porn, she popped it into the video player and turned on the TV.

“Then the dude jumped on the woman and they started having stiff, missionary sex,” the woman writes.

Then she recognized the couch the couple was on.

Then the man…And finally…the woman.

“I have never run so fast to the VHS player to hit stop,” she writes.

“But it took forever, my legs were jelly, the VHS player was so far away.

I was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO but it came out all low pitched and slow.

I managed to get to the stop button.

But the damage was done.

My life was over.”

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