This may come as a shock, but I’m not big on Christmas. I especially dislike most Christmas songs. I think it’s because I’ve heard them all a bajillion times, and I’m over them. However, I don’t think would cause as much rage as it did for this guy.
A Pennsylvania man is facing assault charges after allegedly choking a man over singing Christmas music.
25-year old Clayton Lewis assaulted the victim while he was being transported from a halfway house to a treatment class. The victim was singing Christmas tunes when Lucas became enraged and began hitting and choking the victim, causing him to nearly lose consciousness.
Lucas also refused the commands of police officers who were trying to calm him down, forcing them to use physical force to handcuff him. He’s now charged with aggravated assault and has a hearing March 13th.
I promise, I’ll never lose it if you’re singing Christmas songs. I’ll probably just turn around and walk away… no offense to you or your singing ability.

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