All The Movies Coming In 2021

Welcome to 2021!

I don’t want to tell you how much time I spent over watching movies the past 10 days. To give you some kind of idea, I watched three Quentin Tarantino movies IN ONE DAY. I learned he has a foot fetish. I also watched 8 hours of P Valley in one day. It was A LOT of down time.

Now, while there’s plenty that we’re looking forward to in 2021…the vaccine, getting back to live shows, and more…you can add a $h!t ton of great movies to that list. Let’s run down a few:

Coming 2 America: March 5th

No Time To Die: April 2nd

Black Widow: May 7th

Top Gun Maverick: July 2nd

and Candyman: Aug 27th

I’m hoping we continue with the “released to stream same day as theaters” trend because if there’s anything I like, it’s doing things on my own time.

See the full list here, thanks to Hollywood Reporter!

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