Alexa is going to make your child…more polite

Amazon, who pioneered ordering a pizza from the couch with just one click, (remember when they were just books?) will now outsource your parenting by teaching kids manners.

The company has just announced that their kids version of the Echo home assistants will feature software that reinforces good behavior if children say “please” and “thank you” when asking Alexa for something.

When a child questions a new “Kids Edition” of the Echo speaker and says “please”, it will respond: “Thanks for asking so nicely.” When they say “thank you”, the speaker will reply “you’re welcome” or “no worries”.

Some parents complained that children were previously being rewarded for not using manners.  Meaning that they talked however they wanted to Alexa and got what they wanted.

The new software will also feature parental controls and the ability to monitor the children’s activities.



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