FCC Super Bowl half-time show complaints have hit a record, at least since one reporter began tracking them.

Deadspin’s, Barry Petchesky, has requested all FCC complaints regarding the big game’s midpoint festivities since M.I.A. famously flipped everyone off in 2012.

This year’s performance netted 94 complaints – more than 61 percent took issue with a shirtless Adam Levine.

One complaint read, in part, “Seeing Adam Levine’s nipples was repulsive.”

Other complaints included those of children frightened by a pregame commercial for the movie “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark;” complaints about a trailer for TV drama “US;” and, according to Petchesky, some were “obvious” trolling.

In a casual survey of the women in my office using the picture above…I’m gonna say the complainers were not the ladies.