Every now and then you hear about a nefarious plot by some criminal that’s so inventive that you think they DEFINITELY could’ve excelled at a legit job.

Police in Spartanburg, South Carolina are looking for a man who’s been using a clever scheme to steal money from the drop boxes outside apartment buildings and property management companies over the past few days.

He’s taking sticky paper mouse traps . . . tying a string around them . . . and lowering them into the boxes to steal cash, checks, and money orders.  So it’s a little like the claw crane machine at the arcade.

At one location, he reportedly snagged a whopping 50 checks and money orders, although the total dollar amount was not disclosed.  And it’s unclear what he can do with personal checks, so you’d think that cash would be the biggest prize.

If only he could use this innovation for good, though maybe it’s not paying as well.

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