A 45-year-old man in Indiana named Shane Osborne was arrested on Saturday for felony child neglect, after he allowed a toddler to walk around an apartment complex with a LOADED GUN.

A neighbor called the police, after seeing the kid on their surveillance camera holding the gun . . . and pulling the trigger.  The kid was only wearing a diaper.

The police showed up . . . and LIVE footage of the arrest was broadcast on a reality TV show called “On Patrol: Live”, which follows cops on duty.  They also showed the surveillance footage of the kid with the gun.  (You can watch a couple clips from the show, here.  It’s pretty wild.)

The man claimed he didn’t know that his son had a gun, and he has trouble watching him at all times because, “he’s quick.” He also claimed that he didn’t own a gun, but that his cousin does, and he’d been there recently.

Police found the semiautomatic gun in a desk.  There were 15 rounds in the magazine, but the chamber was empty thankfully.

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