A lot of parents don’t want their young kids playing “Grand Theft Auto”, but these kids actually found themselves within the game . . . in REAL LIFE.

Police in St. Louis arrested a 24-year-old man named Antonio Woods last Wednesday, after he allegedly stole a GO-KART from three kids . . . ages four, six, and nine.

But he didn’t just push them aside . . . he PULLED A GUN, pointed it at the nine-year-old, and demanded that they give up the go-kart.  They did, so he jumped in, and took off.

The kids’ grandmother happened to catch it happening, and she immediately called the cops.  They caught up with the guy, and he led them on a brief chase before crashing into a tree.  He was charged with robbery.

The kids got their go-kart back, although it’s unclear what shape it’s in.  And it wouldn’t be surprising if the authorities added a charge for pulling a gun on the kids, but no one has mentioned anything about that yet.

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