Source: YouTube

What’s the best use of beer?  That may be a dumb question . . . but what if you DON’T drink?

There’s a man in Minnesota named Ky Michaelson, who invented a motorcycle that RUNS ON BEER.  Literally.  It runs on beer instead of gas or electricity.

The bike has a 14-gallon keg built into the engine, with a heating coil inside.  When Ky pours beer into it, the liquid heats up to 300 degrees.  And when it goes out the nozzles in the back, the beer turns into superheated steam, which provides enough thrust to move the bike forward.

And it doesn’t just roll a little bit . . . Ky believes the motorcycle could reach speeds of up to 150 miles-per-hour.

Beer isn’t cheaper than gas . . . for now . . . but using beer as a power source works for Ky, because he DOESN’T DRINK.