A Lean Cuisine or The Stomach Flu? You Decide…

The microwave the Fox crew uses at work. Looks innocent enough...

This might make you cringe; it made me cringe. I use the microwave at work a lot. The featured picture is the one I use almost every day.

Have you ever thought about the number of germs that are on the microwave door handle at work? Now you will… 

A study was done by Kimberly Clark Professional. They said microwave oven doors at offices are among the most germ-ridden things you could touch.

There was a high level of contamination found on the handles they studied. There is an increased risk of illness being transferred from person to person. The second place with the most germs in your office was sink faucet handles.

The study suggests sanitizing wipes should be made available for employees to wipe things down. There should also be a good amount of hand sanitizer for people to use as well.

It makes me wonder: when was the last time our work microwave was cleaned? Come to think of it, several of us were out sick last week with the same illness… I think I’ll skip the microwave popcorn today. Not worth it. 



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