Source: YouTube

Yeah, I’d say this was a fireable offense:  A longtime employee at a water treatment plant in Louisiana got fired and ARRESTED last week . . . for peeing in his town’s water supply.

His name is Michael Mastin, and he’s 57.  It happened in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, about halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

It’s not clear how many times he’s done it.  But they caught him on video doing it at least twice.  He’d move a security camera so it couldn’t see him.  Then he’d pee over a rail into a water tank below, and shift the camera back when he was done.

No word on whether he was just being lazy and didn’t want to walk to the bathroom, or if he did it for some other reason.  But when he did it last Sunday, he didn’t shift the camera enough.  So you could still see.

Police found out about it last Wednesday and arrested him that afternoon.  He’s facing two counts of contaminating water supplies, and two counts of criminal damage to critical infrastructure.

Officials put out a statement assuring people the town’s water is safe to drink.  They said they took water samples, and the public was never in danger.