Have you ever been at a store, and something you didn’t plan on getting caught your eye?

Police in L.A. are looking for some guy who walked into a SEX store called Cupid’s Closet . . . pulled a gun . . . and told the cashier to empty the register.  But he didn’t leave with any cash.

When he pointed the gun at her, she sort of froze in fear and didn’t do anything.  So then his attention shifted to something on a nearby shelf.

He walked over and grabbed a SELF-LOVE toy for men made by a brand called LoveBotz.  Then he showed it to the cashier like, “I’ll take this instead,” and walked out.  It’s not clear if he planned to sell the toy, or if his priorities just changed.  But it’s not worth much.  The same toy sells for $64 on Amazon.

It happened in April, but police still haven’t found him.  So they released the security footage hoping someone out there can I.D. him.