A Drinking Game For Tonight’s Debate

I don’t want to debate politics here, that’s not what this is. Besides, my truest political belief is that everything is a lie. People who create strong affiliations with their political party are as bad as the people who use the term “we” when recounting how their preferred sports team did over the weekend. YOU’RE NOT PART OF THE TEAM, OKAY? You’re rooting for them. So relax…you’re getting lied to just like everybody else.

Whew, I make myself laugh. These are my opinions. Me having them doesn’t affect you or hurt you, you just continue to live your life how you choose, so let’s move on.

Here’s the important part: the “rules” for tonight’s debate drinking game, courtesy of the Washingtonian:

Take a sip when Trump:

  • Says “yuge”
  • Says “Jina” (China)
  • Talks about his admiration for any totalitarian world leader
  • Makes any false claims related to coronavirus and our pandemic response
  • Complains about mysterious voter fraud
  • Accuses Biden of wanting to defund the police

Take a sip when Biden:

  • Uses a malapropism
  • Says “folks”
  • References the middle class
  • Starts a sentence with “look”
  • Tells a story about some “average Joe” worker he met on the campaign trail that could easily be fabricated
  • Claims he’s going to end systemic racism and fails to explain how

There’s also rules to “take a sip when either,” “chug when…,” and “take a shot if…” You can see the full article HERE.

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