This would be like a thief getting under your car to steal your catalytic converter, and then changing your oil while they’re down there.

A man in Port Arthur, Texas snuck onto a property last month, and stole their push mower.  But he took it for a spin first. In security footage, you can see the thief fill the mower with gas . . . then start mowing the backyard.  Then, he moved to the front yard.

He left, with the mower.  But the police caught up with him.  He abandoned the mower in an alley . . . but he got away.  The cops are still looking for him

It’s unclear WHY he mowed the lawn.  Maybe he had OCD and couldn’t leave without tidying up the yard.  It is worth pointing out that it was April 1st, although there’s no indication that this was some kind of prank.

To be clear, he was NOT hired by the homeowner, and it was dark out when he stole the mower.

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