5,111 Martian Days ago NASA’s Opportunity Rover landed (2004 Earth time).

It travelled roughly 57 million kilometers to get there.

The little rover landed on the dusty and rocky surface and proceeded to do science.

In those 5,111 days Opportunity traveled 28 miles and visited alot of the places that scientists wanted to see.

The rover was originally sent for a 90 day mission…It lasted 15 years.  A profound triumph for NASA and the scientists involved.

Now to my gripe…Because you knew I had one.

This little rover using 2004 technology goes to Mars (Windows 2000 was on your computer…remember).

It lands on the rocky dusty surface of this planet proceeds to take a beating for 15 years before a sandstorm that covered the entire planet kills it.

With that being the case…Why is my cell phone broken?  Why does my laptop battery fail after 30 minutes?

These are new items…Neither more than 3 years old.

So my gripe…Why aren’t things better…If we can do Opportunity…Then we need to do better.

Rant Over.