31 Years, 31 Days, 31 Bands: Pink Floyd

The video here at the top was of the tour where I got to see Pink Floyd live.  1994 Clemson, South Carolina…Death Valley.

When I was a baby radio dj…The station I worked for Rock 101 WROQ (WCKN) when I started would play a show on Sunday morning called Flashback.  It was produced by NBC and had great music and archival sound provided by NBC News.

Bill St. James provided the hosting and voice over for the show.  The running joke was I’m Bill St. James and my balls will arrive in the truck behind me…Huge voice…Sample?


And that was the voice I heard when Sadie asked if I wanted to write the 31/31/31 blog for Pink Floyd.  Seriously…Part of the show that you never saw was that your local radio station got artist drops that were produced by the radio show and so I can hear is Bill St. James voice going…Pink Floyd (echo…echo…echo)

Like most of the people of my generation I was raised on “Dark Side of the Moon”, but it wasn’t until my radio boss Ken Carson let me have some fun working the late shift that I really got into the band.

I used to host a segment on my show called The Floyd Voyd…Now it would have a logo and it’s own webpage, but back in the 90’s it was just a feature on my show.  Ken said whatever I wanted to play from the band…play it.

And then it got weird.

And in the process I discovered Syd Barrett

I spent most of two years in that shift and I played everything from Pink Floyd…I dedicated weeks to Animals and The Wall.  We miss that experimental ground now some in radio I think.

And like they knew we were celebrating them…A new animated video today.

Pink Floyd isn’t doing much these days but they have put out a new animated music video on their YouTube channel.  This video accompanies the band’s classic track “One Of These Days” for their six-volume boxset The Early Years 1965 – 1972, which hit stores back in March.  British artist and filmmaker Ian Emes, who was Pink Floyd’s original animator, created the video.





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