12 Flippin’ Years and Never Met The Man Once

Ok…Most of you know that I’ve worked in radio in South Carolina for a long time.  13 years in the Upstate at Rock 101 WROQ, 12+ years in Charleston at 98 Rock and 105.5 The Bridge and now here.

Today we’re focusing on the 12+ years in Charleston.

I’m a huge Bill Murray fan.  If you don’t like Bill Murray I can’t help you.  He is the primary comedic voice in my life and often in my head.

Bill lives in Charleston…as did I for 12+ years and there were always the stories.

Bill Murray is at the Riverdogs game and during a rain delay takes a belly slide across the tarp.

Bill Murray shows up at a house party.

Bill Murray drops into a couples wedding pictures.

I never met him…12+ years…And it just didn’t happen.

But a lot of people have including my friend Laura who lives here in Columbia and had lunch with him at an airport.

Those stories are now being told in a documentary “The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mystical Man”

The trailer is above…(sigh) Maybe one day I’ll get my own story about Bill Murray…Until then I’m definitely planning on seeing this documentary.



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