10 Successful Products That Appeared on “Shark Tank”

Have you ever wondered what happens to those products that are pitched on “Shark Tank” over the years?  Whether they received investments from a shark or were passed over, here are 10 products that found success:


1.  Squatty Potty:  It’s a plastic stool that’s been scientifically proven to help with going #2.  Lori Greiner is invested.


2.  Scrub Daddy:  It’s a smiley-faced sponge.  Lori invested.


3.  Ring Video Doorbell:  You probably know at least one person who has this doorbell-camera hybrid.  Amazon bought the company in 2018 for more than a billion dollars.  When it was pitched, NO SHARKS BIT.


4.  Kodiak Cakes:  You’ve probably seen these at your local market.  It’s pancake and waffle mix that’s packed with whole grains and protein.  None of the sharks bit on this pitch either.


5.  Tipsy Elves:  They started by selling ugly holiday sweaters, but now they’ve expanded to festive clothing for all holidays and seasons.  Robert Herjavec invested.


6.  Instafire:  It’s a fire starter mix consisting of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax.  Mark Cuban and Lori invested.


7.  Cousins Maine Lobster:  It’s a lobster roll food truck.  After Barbara Corcoran invested they were able to expand across the country and offer sales online.


8.  The Comfy:  It’s a cozy blanket that’s also a sweatshirt.  Barbara invested.


9.  Safe Grabs:  It’s a silicone mat that can be placed in the microwave.  It also functions like an oven mitt so you can take out your heated dish.  Lori invested.


10.  PhoneSoap:  It’s a device that sanitizes smartphones from germs and bacteria using UV light . . . while also simultaneously charging them.  Lori invested.


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