Tom Petty’s Final Performance

Yesterday did not seem real with all the reports on Tom Petty.  Unfortunately, the music world lost a rock icon last night.  Tom passed away surrounded by family and friends.   I defy anyone, even the casual rock listener, to not know all the words to at least one Tom Petty song.   He was our generations’ Mad Hatter.   In reading so much on Tom over the past 24 hours, I have found my favorite quote that I feel best describes him: “Tom Petty was a pleasingly unpretentious rock star-a guy just trying to figure life out.” (The New Yorker)

I think that’s why he touched so many with his music.    We are all just “trying to figure it all out.”   We don’t always know how to express it.  I believe Tom helped with that.  Everyone has that one Petty song that you crank up when you feel crappy.  And today I feel crappy.   My song was “Wildflowers.”   Got me through some really tough times.   Still does.  When I feel I’m lost.  This is my go to.

Below is Tom’s final performance at the Hollywood Bowl.   Please watch it and turn it up.  He owned it as he always did.   R.I.P. Tom.  Thanks for all the music and memories.

“Far away from your trouble and worries.  You belong where you feel free.” -Wildflowers




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