Sold Out Shows…You’re Sad…I Celebrate

I love live music…I mean it’s one of my favorite things in the world.

And shows sell out and while some people are sad about that…I’m really happy.

A sold out show means the artist got paid

A sold out show means that the venue is making money

And yes a sold out show means that the radio station that I work for has made some money too.

Why does that make me glad? (Other than the paycheck obviously)

Successful shows mean more shows…It’s really that simple.

If you go to a show and you support the concert business then you are not only enjoying the show but you’re helping the next promoter bring the next show to town.

And if the show is sold out it makes it easier to take that gamble, make that talent buy…Even try a riskier show than you might.

Which means better shows for all of us.

BTW Third Eye Blind at The Music Farm Friday October 27, 2017…Is Sold Out…Thank You!




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