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Sadie Black

Sadie has been with Fox 102.3 since September 2015. She is married to a submariner and has 3 children. She loves radio, Gamecock football, photography, Marilyn Monroe, old movies, 90s alternative and rock, collecting vinyl, and sleeping.
She is an advocate for MADD and any other organization against drunk driving. She is a member of the Columbia Quad Squad and plays roller derby. She has served as the team’s secretary for 3 years, and as team captain of the Soda City JerksĀ for almsot 2 years. Sadie also enjoys hash running with the Columbia Hash House Harriers.
Sadie graduated in 2016 with her degree in Mass Communications at USC. She plans to continue working in radio, which has been her dream since she was a kid.

Sadie has 20+ tattoos, 2 dogs, 3 kids, 1 husband and 0 f*%ks to give.

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Hunter and Sadie at I Love the 90s
Hunter and Sadie at I Love the 90s
Always changing her hair color
Always changing her hair color


St. Pat's in 5 Points 2016
St. Pat’s in 5 Points 2016
Just a nerd at heart
Just a nerd at heart