Sadie’s Fresh Ink

Sadie Black here, your friendly neighborhood on air personality! I went to Mr. Shorty’s Tattoo Emporium yesterday to see Mike. He’s adding onto my derby girl tattoo that Gaia did. We’re adding some mandala to it, and I’m pretty stoked. We’re not done yet, but next session Mike is going to add a lot of dot work to it. Dot work is kind of his thing. The greatest thing about this tattoo is that I let him do whatever he wanted, because I trust the work I’m getting from Gaia and Mike. I give them a random idea, and they run with it. In this case, Gaia actually had the idea to add the mandala to the derby girl to make it a real half-sleeve. I go back and see Mike on July 7, so get ready for an update soon!

I forgot to get a good pic before we put the tatuderm on it!
Mike Sutton doing what he does best


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