Sadie is MADD and She Wants You to Join Her

This video was extremely hard to make for several reasons:

  1. I hate being on camera.
  2. I hate crying on camera, or in general.
  3. This is something I don’t talk about a lot because it still hurts.
  4. I hate being on camera.

All jokes aside, the decision for me to make this video was very hard for me. On one hand, I’m completely vulnerable, which is extremely hard for me. Crying in front of people I don’t know gives me anxiety. I am also very aware of how awful I look on camera so that make me anxious too.

However, I want people to see how drunk driving affects those who are left behind, and I fortunately have a platform to do just that.

So, here’s my video, complete with ugly crying, snot, and more ugly crying.

Get MADD, and join me on April 14th.

<3 Sadie

Here’s my blog with more info, like how to join my team: Heidi’s Heroes

Here’s the event page: Walk Like MADD


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