This brought back the lyrical for me

Some of you have seen the Falcon Heavy Test Flight.  Some of you like me watched it live.

If you are of a certain age…I’m talking to you Boomers and like me GenX you remember men walking on the moon.

You remember those first steps and watching Cronkite tear up on television.

Watching this video and hearing the passion and the joy of the people from SpaceX took me back to that time.

These are very smarty women and men that have built something incredible.  And they did it with joy and spunk and without any government money to speak of.

It takes some stones to throw a car at Mars.  It’s almost the hat over the wall story.

A young boy comes to a wall and can’t climb it so he throws his hat over.  His friend asks why’d he do such a damn fool thing and the boy replies.  My hat’s over there…Now I have to get over.

Elon Musk and the people from SpaceX threw they’re space car over the wall to Mars…Now they’ll have to get over.

Watch it for yourself…See if you…like me…want to sign up to be probably the dumbest employee at SpaceX…but I’d do it.



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