Alice and Andy and the Little Electric Chair

Little Electric Chair by Andy Warhol. The artwork entered Cooper’s touring equipment collection, and disappeared. Photograph: Courtesy of Alice Cooper

We think of Alice Cooper and we think the theater and the blood and yes Virginia the snakes, but did you know AC used to hang out with Andy Warhol in the 70’s?  

Cooper’s girlfriend at the time model Cindy Lang had gotten a print from Warhol to give to him for a gift.

The Little Electric Chair print was part of Warhol’s Death and Disaster series and like many gifts from former girlfriends…this one ended up in a storage locker.  

Cooper’s agent recently remembered the painting, but neither he nor Alice knew where it was.  

Who remembered where it was?

Alice Cooper’s mom (probably the weirdest phrase I have ever committed to print).  

She remembered it going into storage.  

They dug it out at a storage facility and had it authenticated…It’s real.

Cooper’s model girlfriend paid probably 2600 bucks for the painting.  

Another print from this series sold at auction in 2015 for 11.6 million dollars.

Lessons to be learned:

Your mother watches everything

You should buy something for your ex something nice with the 11 or so million…like a house maybe

And Alice and Andy sounds like a sit-com


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